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Roulette is Alfastreet’s core product. We started building roulettes more than two decades ago and today we are proud to be recognized as the ‘highest authority’ when it comes to automated roulette manufacturing.


The game

  • Single or double zero roulette
  • Different Jackpot options add to the player’s enjoyment
  • Multi-wheel and Multi Game options
  • Connecting to any player tracking / online system
  • Alfastreet Roulette wheels are certified for their
    accuracy and randomness, as well as proven for their
    reliability throughout years of operation


Multiwheel and Multigame option

Various payment options like TITO, bill acceptors; Coin or SAS based Player tracking/ Online systems.
Alfastreet Roulette Wheels are certified for its accuracy and randomness, as well as proven for its reliability throughout the years of operation.


Easy to operate, the tournament will bring excitement and rewards to your loyal players

Alfastreet Jackpot solutions

Lucky Number Jackpot

Lucky Nuber Jackpot is Alfastreet’s latest and most innovative product. Three level Jackpot system is unique in its solutions, mathematics, and ability to provide maximum engagement by the player. First level Jackpot will hit on average every 9 min of play. Player will choose whether to play on, for higher level Jackpot or to take the prize offered. Higher you go, more attractive is the prize. On the 3rd level, Jackpot will be as attractive as can be imagined and definitely the highest seen on any electronic Roulette. As expected, Luck Number Jackpot is settable in many ways, including the hold for the operator. Easy to implement to existing Alfastreet Roulettes and affordable to add to any new product order, this system will be marked as ‘’must have’’ very soon. Lucky Number Jackpot system is patent pending for several components, and our promise is, this Jackpot will make the difference.