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Roulette is Alfastreet’s core product. We started building roulettes more than two decades ago and today we are proud to be recognized as the ‘highest authority’ when it comes to automated roulette manufacturing.


The game

  • Single or double zero game.
  • Different Jackpot options add to the player’s enjoyment of this game.


Multiwheel and Multigame option

Various payment options like TITO, bill acceptors; Coin or SAS based Player tracking/ Online systems.
Alfastreet Roulette Wheels are certified for its accuracy and randomness, as well as proven for its reliability throughout the years of operation.



Tournament mode offers players additional exciting rewards. It is very easy to operate with it.


Alfastreet Jackpot solutions

Alfastreet offers a wide selection of custom tailored Jackpot solution, who provide even more thrill and excitement when playing the game of choice. Operators can choose between three additional Jackpots which speed up the game and make it way more fun to play.


This bonus game is based around and triggered by a number called ”Lucky number”. This number is randomly drawn (frequency of which can be adjusted). The Jackpot amount is accumulated from placed bets of all connected playing terminals. ”Lucky number” can be revealed to players while the bets are still open or it can be revealed only after the bets are closed


This bonus game has three phases: Gold jackpot, Silver jackpot and Bronze jackpot. Jackpot can be filled from different games. Each of the games has a setting to adjust the percentage of bets to be collected in the jackpots. To participate in jackpot player must place minimum bet which is adjustable.


The Mystery Jackpot System operates on local and common scale. Multiple roulette wheels can be connected to a single Mystery Jackpot Server to form a common configuration. Each of those wheels with its dedicated playing terminals will act as a local configuration. If only a single wheel is connected it will act as a local and common configuration at the same time.