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The Baccarat game in its live and automated version. This unique concept ensures maximum operational benefits and full satisfaction of the players.

The game

  • Switch between Live / Auto game.
  • The live game uses a card recognition system, that reads suit and rank of each card.
  • Classic Baccarat game, Power 98, and 7up.
  • A five player game, with the possibility of expansion with an unlimited number of our single terminals.
  • Various payment options, online or player tracking systems.
  • Six to eight deck shoe.
  • Each player has a touch screen monitor for individual play.



  • Increased table profitability.
  • Increased security.
  • 24/7 table operation time.
  • Faster than other regular card game.
  • A live dealer is controlled by computer, which eliminates the possibility of tampering with the game.
  • Completely self-sufficient, additional staff is not needed.
  • Switch easily between Live and Auto mode.
  • Extensive reporting and monitoring options.
  • The game is fully adjustable, to completely suit player’s habits on the specific gaming markets.
  • It can also be customised to meet any gaming law or other legal requirements.